Railway Children

It’s that time again – the summer photoshoot. This time we headed for the enchanting Bucks Railway Centre near Aylesbury where they kindly allowed our large, but enthusiastic, team to use their incredible vintage steam trains and platforms to create some magical shots. For once everything worked in our favour – the weather was just right for photography, no-one was ill, all the dresses fitted and we achieved the full shot list on time. I think the last was a first for us.

Our nine little models did a brilliant job and worked tirelessly with smiles on their faces, supported by their patient parents. As always, the NM team kept the day moving seamlessly and happily. Very many thanks to all of you.

So, 9 hours, 26 people, 105 cups of tea and coffee, 60 bottles of soft drinks, 12 packets of biscuits, 20 ice creams, countless crisps and doughnuts, 32 mini sponge cakes from the amazing, several baskets of strawberries and a delicious lunch (prepared for us by Laura in the coffee shop) later……… was a wrap, and we finished the day fuller but triumphant. We will be releasing the images soon and hope that you agree that they are every bit as beautiful as we had hoped.

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