Making plans: Where to start when planning your dream wedding

2017 is here and that means… everybody panic! No, sorry, remain clam. We know lots of you will be starting to plan your weddings over the coming months and it’s our job to make sure it is as stress free as possible.

Whether it was a surprise Christmas engagement or you’ve woken up in 2017 with fun memories and a fuzzy head to realise your wedding is just around the corner, we’re here with top tips on a few things you can get sorted out early to avoid any last-minute panics.

Set a date:
The most important part of any celebration is being with the people you love. So, make sure all your family and friends are available by double checking with them on dates as early as possible. Planning around these dates is a good idea as it will save a lot of hassle and disappointment in the long run.

A helping hand:
If you are considering having a wedding planner it is a good idea to set up some initial meetings with two or three candidates to see who you click with and who ‘gets’ your ideas. Wedding planners help to take a great deal of the footwork out of the short-listing to lighten your load.

Get booking:
Some venues get booked up years in advance so the sooner you start exploring the options the better. You may have been dreaming of the perfect church in the countryside but be prepared to look at other venues and keep your options open. After that, choosing a caterer and florist are probably next on the list – you can decide on all the details with them later, just getting them booked is the main thing.

The fun part:
This is where the real fun starts (drum roll please) – your dress! Many designers ask for a six-month lead time so it is worth making appointments now to try on dresses with several of them. Once you know what you are wearing so much else will fall into place. The general theme of the wedding, colours etc. Take your time, but limit yourself to the number of dresses you try or you will still be stressing about it a month before the wedding.

Dressing the party:
Once you know what you are wearing it is time to think about your bridesmaids and page boys. Come and see us at our cosy Langton Street boutique and we will show you an exclusive collection of ready to wear and bespoke ideas and work with you to pull the whole wedding party together.

Hopefully these tips will help take a bit of the stress out of planning and give you a better idea of what to prioritise at these early stages. We know planning a wedding is never a stress-free affair, however, hopefully with a little bit of guidance some of the major potholes can be avoided. Happy planning!

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