Nicki Macfarlane at White Gallery in Battersea

Recently we were to be found at the glamorous bridal trade show White Gallery, which is held in the middle of Battersea Park. It makes the angst of setting-up day significantly better to cope with when we arrive and drive through the park, beside the river, on a spring day.

White Gallery is always great fun. To get a chance to meet up with a lot of our stockists is always a treat, and at this show we met a lot of exciting new ones too. We are looking forward to working with them all. It also gives us the opportunity to catch up with all our industry friends.

The trends were clear – prints, embroidery and 3D embellished fabrics were everywhere. There is also a strong move for brides to wear separates. Some were quite minimalist and midriff exposing, but others teamed a floating tulle or lace skirt with a heavy jumper.

Sadly neither Charlotte nor I managed to watch any of the catwalk shows, but only because we were so busy, so we can’t complain!

Next stop Florence!

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