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The first author should also have the first option of presenting the results at scientific meetings buy discount alendronate 35mg line women's health center in joliet. However, all stakeholders should have access to results for use in reviews, talks, research reports, etc. When data are used by other stakeholders in this way, the first author should be acknowledged accordingly. Data sharing has the potential to cause many emotional and professional conflicts. For this reason, academic departments and research teams need to work collaboratively to form their own data sharing policies in a consensus forum. Such policies need to be approved by the divisional or departmental head and/or other people who have the responsibility of administering research policies and mediating any problems that occur. Only the adoption of a sensible and collaborative management approach can ensure that the issues of intellectual property, data sharing, and authorship are handled in a way that is rewarding for all of the parties involved. Fast tracking and early releases In science read, by preference, the newest works; in literature, the oldest. Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803–1873) If you think that your results are exciting and important and that they need to be published quickly, it is sometimes possible to queue-jump and expedite publication. If you feel that your work needs to be published quickly, you can contact 152 Publishing the editors of your journal of choice and put this thought to them, or consider writing a rapid communication. If you ask the editor to fast track your paper, you can expect one of three possible answers that will arrive back to you within days. The possible answers are outright rejection of your paper, a fast track review, or a standard external review. If your paper is accepted as a rapid communication, it will be dealt with swiftly by the editorial committee and, once accepted, may well appear in the next issue of the journal that is published. Rapid communications are generally much shorter than standard journal articles and are used to report original work that is of immediate importance to the scientific community. However, rapid communications are stand-alone articles that should not be used to make a preliminary report of new work that you want to publish in more detail at a later date. A rapid communication can be cited in a future paper but the work cannot be repeated in more detail in a subsequent original journal article because this would be considered to be duplicate publication. Some journals, such as the New England Journal of Medicine, have a policy of releasing some papers early by posting them on their website. In this process, the electronic and printed versions of the papers are identical. The decision to release a paper early is made together with the authors and is usually adopted only for papers that may have immediate implications for clinical practice. Electronic journals and e-letters The revolution in biomedical publishing is just a mouse click away.

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Large and spacious rooms help to run the operation smoothly and allow circulating nurses and other assistants to perform their duties at easy and not interfering with the operating team generic alendronate 35mg with amex pregnancy spotting. The room should also include individual thermostats to keep the room temperature at 32 C. Above this temperature, the energy source for evaporation will come from the environment rather than the patient. In this situa- tion, patients become hypothermic and their metabolic rate increases. In extreme circumstances, patients are at risk of death from hypothermia. Radiant heaters are also very helpful for perioperative thermoregulation (Fig. They provide a warm microenvironment over the patient, whereas the room temperature can be kept at a more tolerable level for health workers. Other adjunctive measures include the use of thermal blankets, plastic sheeting over the head and face, and all intravenous fluids being given at 38 C through a warming coil. The operating room staff should be reminded to take fluids themselves every 30 min. The patient’s core temperature needs to be controlled via an indwelling bladder cathe- Wound Management and Surgical Preparation 101 A B FIGURE 5 A. Thermal panels or radiators provide a warm microenvironment for burn patients. The operating room should also have independent thermostat to warm the room to 32 C. Two sets of lights are very important, although the gold standard is trauma resuscitation lighting. Essential operating staff for burn surgery includes: One scrub nurse per operating team One scrub nurse for skin processing One circulating nurse Two anesthetists Two surgeons per operating team In summary, burn wound excision and closure require a profound understanding of burn pathophysiology and the outlining of protocols and master plans. Good communication among burn team members is essential to avoid accidents and unwanted outcomes. Complete preparation of patients, burn care providers, and operating room issues is mandatory, as well as the establishment of priorities for common goals. Woodson Shriners Hospital for Children and the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, U. INTRODUCTION Since the end of World War II there has been steady improvement in the clinical outcome for patients with serious burn injuries. Early and aggressive fluid resusci- tation can usually prevent burn shock, except with the most extensive full-thick- ness burns and in patients with coexisting disease.

The ABPMR transitioned from paper-and-pencil exams to CBTs with the May 2002 cer- tification exam buy 70 mg alendronate with mastercard women's health big book of exercises pdf free download. The Part I exam is administered on an electronic testing system that elimi- nates the use of paper and pencil exam booklets and answer sheets. Candidates use a keyboard or mouse to select answers to exam questions presented on the computer screen. The time remaining and the number of the question currently being answered are visible on the computer screen throughout the exam. Computer based testing provides simple, easy-to-follow instructions via a tutorial to complete the exam. The ABPMR uses a simple, proven computer interface that will require only routine mouse or cursor movements, and the use of the mouse or enter-key on the keyboard to record the option chosen to answer the question. Examinees have the option of using a brief tutorial on the computer prior to beginning the actual exam. Time spent with the tutorial does not reduce your testing time, so they recommend that examinees take advantage of it. The tuto- rial is available at the beginning of each section of the exam. It includes detailed instructions on taking the computerized exam and provides an opportunity to respond to practice ques- tions. You also become familiar with placement of information on the computer screen. The ABPMR’s computer-based exam is offered at over three hundred and fifty (350) technology centers located in most of the major cities throughout the United States and Canada through an arrangement with Prometric. Candidates should call to schedule their exam as soon as possible after they receive their admissibility letter from the Board. Candidates who wait too long to call may not be able to test at the location they prefer. However, in some regions due to large numbers of candidates, it will be first-come, first-served based on site capacity and numbers of sites in the area. Once you have received admissibility and authorization from the ABPMR, you may arrange for a test site location by calling Prometric Candidate Services Call Center. Prometric Technology Centers typi- cally consist of a waiting area, check-in area, and testing room with six to fifteen individual computer testing stations. One or more Prometric staff members will be on hand to check-in candidates and supervise the testing session.

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This may be remembered by the pneumonic TUBS—traumatic order 35mg alendronate visa women's health center hattiesburg ms, unilateral, Bankart lesion, sur- gery. Shoulder instability that is multidirectional, bilateral, and not precipitated by trauma may often be treated with physical therapy, a sling, and/or inferior capsule repair. This may be remembered by the pneumonic AMBRI—atraumatic, multidirectional, bilateral, rehabili- tation, inferior capsule repair. Treatment: Conservative care, including modification of activities and physical therapy, such as strengthening and stretching exercises, is the first-line treatment. A care- ful history and physical examination will help narrow your differential. Patients with lateral epicondylitis will complain of pain over the lat- eral epicondyle. Patients with medial epicondylitis or ulnar collat- eral ligament injury will complain of pain over the medial elbow. Patients with cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar collateral ligament injury may complain of a deep aching or electric sensation that may radiate from the elbow to their fourth and fifth digits. Patients with a history of trauma should be investigated for frac- tures. Humerus supracondylar fractures (most common in children), humerus intercondylar fractures (more common in adults), radial head fractures, and ulnar fractures are the more common fractures encountered. Patients with an ulnar collateral ligament injury typically have pain that worsens with overhead activity. Patients with lateral From: Pocket Guide to Musculoskeletal Diagnosis By: G. Patients with medial epicondylitis typically complain of pain that worsens with repetitive forearm pronation and wrist flexion, such as in golf. What is the quality of your pain—sharp, stabbing, numbness, tin- gling, etc.? Patients with numbness, tingling, and shooting electric pains in the ulnar nerve distribution are likely to have cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar collateral ligament injury (ulnar nerve symptoms are often associated with ulnar collateral ligament injury). This question is specifically for rheumatoid arthritis—a disease characterized in part by its symmetric distribution of symptoms. Have you noticed any weight loss or systemic symptoms, such as flushing or fever? Patients with a loose body in their elbow from either a fracture or osteochondritis dissecans may complain of locking and/or clicking. This question is more useful for when you are ready to order diag- nostic studies and decide on treatment.

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