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Folic acid anemia is especially common in infants This illustration shows the microscope view of normal red and teenagers purchase midamor 45mg otc blood pressure what is normal. Although this condition usually results blood cells (left) and those in three different types of ane- from a dietary deficiency, it is sometimes due to an in- mia (from left), iron-deficiency anemia, megaloblastic ane- ability to absorb enough folic acid from foods such as: mia, and sickle cell anemia. The • green vegetables deficiency begins when the body loses more iron than it • meat gains from food and other sources. In this early stage of anemia, the • mushrooms red blood cells look normal, but they are reduced in number. Then the body tries to compensate for the iron • yeast deficiency by producing more red blood cells, which are Smoking raises the risk of developing this condition characteristically small in size. Someone who is weak, tires easily, is often out of breath, and feels Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia faint or dizzy may be severely anemic. Other symptoms Less common in this country than folic acid anemia, of anemia are: vitamin B12 deficiency anemia is another type of mega- • angina pectoris (chest pain) loblastic anemia that develops when the body does not 80 GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 absorb enough of this nutrient. The re- acids; in beta-thalassemia, there is an imbalance in the sulting drop in red blood cell production can cause: beta chain. Alpha-thalassemias most commonly affect • loss of muscle control blacks (25% have at least one gene); beta-thalassemias • loss of sensation in the legs, hands, and feet most commonly affect people of Mediterranean and • soreness or burning of the tongue Southeast Asian ancestry. Since most people who eat meat or eggs get enough B12 in their diets, a deficiency of this vitamin Autoimmune hemolytic anemia usually means that the body is not absorbing it properly. This can occur among people who have had intestinal Warm antibody hemolytic anemia is the most com- surgery or those who do not produce adequate amounts mon type of this disorder. This condition occurs when of intrinsic factor, a chemical secreted by the stomach the body produces autoantibodies that coat red blood lining that combines with B12 to help its absorption in the cells. Pernicious anemia can also damage the have warm antibody hemolytic anemia also have lym- spinal cord. A doctor should be notified whenever symp- phoma, leukemia, lupus, or connective tissue disease. In cold antibody hemolytic anemia, the body attacks Pernicious anemia usually strikes people 50–60 years red blood cells at or below normal body temperature. Eating disorders or an unbalanced diet increases The acute form of this condition frequently develops in the risk of developing pernicious anemia. So do diabetes people who have had pneumonia, mononucleosis,or mellitus, gastritis, stomach cancer, stomach surgery, thy- other acute infections. It tends to be mild and short- roid disease, and family history of pernicious anemia. Vitamin C deficiency anemia Chronic cold antibody hemolytic anemia is most common in women and most often affects those who are A rare disorder that causes the bone marrow to man- over 40 and have arthritis. This condition usually lasts ufacture abnormally small red blood cells, vitamin C de- for a lifetime, generally causing few symptoms. Howev- ficiency anemia results from a severe, long-standing di- er, exposure to cold temperatures can accelerate red etary deficiency.

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Herbs known as adaptogens may be prescribed to The condition also may be related to low self-esteem midamor 45 mg fast delivery heart attack like symptoms, treat the anxiety related to phobias. Adrenal modulators such as last only a minute or so, the person remembers the feel- () and borage ( ings of panic so strongly that the possibility of another ), nervine herbs such as ( attack becomes terrifying. For this reason, people with ) and (), and an- agoraphobia avoid places where they might not be able tioxidal herbs like () are to escape if a panic attack occurs. Tonics of skullcap and oats ( While the specific trigger may differ, the symptoms ) may also be recommended to ease anxiety. For example, someone combination of and medication can be who is afraid to fly may begin having episodes of pound- quite effective. Medication can block the feelings of ing heart and sweating palms at the mere thought of get- panic, and when combined with cognitive-behavioral ting on a plane in two weeks. It teaches A mental health professional can diagnose phobias patients how to change their thoughts, behavior, and atti- after a detailed interview and discussion of both mental and tudes, while providing techniques to lessen anxiety, such physical symptoms. Social phobia is often associated with as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and refocusing. For example, someone who is afraid of snakes Precautions General use Preparations GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE 2 1585 Woman in the midst of a pilates workout. Between Heaven & Earth: A guide to Chinese Medicine Mobilisation of the Nervous System. American Journal of Industrial Medicine Clinical Neurophysiology Journal of the American Pinellia in Chinese herbalism fects about 75% of patients, with 25% reporting severe In addition, a homeopathic remedy known as itching. Many patients find that athletic activity or hot is available in cream or ointment form for direct weather makes the itching worse. Prodromal symptoms of pityriasis rosea may include, loss of appetite,,, joint pains, and Allopathic treatment of pityriasis rosea is directed swelling of the lymph nodes. Lymph node swelling is toward symptom relief, as the cause of the disease is still more common among African Americans diagnosed with uncertain. To relieve the itching, the doctor may pre- the disease than among Caucasian or Asian Americans. Steroid medications taken The diagnosis of pityriasis rosea is usually made by mouth are not recommended unless the pruritus is ex- through taking a patient history—with particular atten- tremely severe; although these drugs relieve itching, they tion to prescription medications—and a skin biopsy or- may also prolong the course of the disease or make the dered by a dermatologist. The reason for this precaution is that the le- mentation (become darker than the surrounding skin) sions of pityriasis rosea resemble the skin rash associat- after ultraviolet treatment. The prognosis for patients with pityriasis rosea is Pityriasis rosea is a self-limiting disease, which excellent. The disease does not cause long-term health means that it goes away on its own even without alterna- problems, is not dangerous even during, and tive or allopathic treatment.

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