Spring Greens…

Spring is in the air!  The daffodils and bluebells are showing signs of bursting into glorious colour and the birds are starting to nest.  We love this time of year and as the wedding season approaches, there’s great excitement in the office.

One of the recurring favourite Spring colours for flower girls, bridesmaids and pageboys is beautiful green, be it in soft pastel tones or more vibrant shades – such as Willow (as shown in this picture).

Green’s versatility comes from the fact that it suits all ages, looks wonderful on both boys and girls and co-0ordinates perfectly with all floral bouquets.  If you are having pageboys, a pair of green silk trousers matching the flower girl’s dress or sash looks very dashing! Green is timeless.

We offer five different coloured silks, in our Ready to Wear Collection ranging from the softest sorbet-shaded julep to the bolder Lawn or Jade silks, so there’s is something for everyone.  This means that you can order any style of silk dress, or any silk sash in any of the colours available.  See our full colour range here.

If you’re considering a green themed wedding, why not have a look at our Pinterest Board where you’ll find lots of ideas for your little ones.

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